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We have a great variety of Carnival Games available to meet your party needs. You can rent Our Carnival Games through our Instant Price and Availability Box on the right or by calling us at 301-800-9777.


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Carnival Games

Balloon Pop

This is a new twist on the Balloon pop game. Hit the target and the balloon will pop! Comes with 6 bean bags & bag of balloons.

Big Kahuna

Bring all the fun of a dunk tank to your next party for a fraction of the cost. Our Big Kahuna Bucket Drop is great for all summer parties!

Can Smash

The classic can smash game, knock all the cans off the platform to win.


Toss the plastic balls at the game board. Land on two of the same color to win.

Down A Clown

Knock down 2 of the same Clown to win!

Fish in a Bowl

Toss ping pong balls and try to get them in the fish bowls.

Gopher Golf

Try to hit the velcro golf ball and get a hole in one!

Kick and Score Soccer

See if you can beat the goalie and score for your favorite team!

Penguin Fish Fling

Stomp as hard as you can to fling the fish in to the Penguins Baskets.

Quarterback Toss

Throw the winning touchdown, with our Quarterback Toss!

Slap Shot Hockey

Can you beat the goalie glove side? Or do you have to shoot for the five hole? Take your best shot with Slap Shot Hockey!

Tic Tac Toe

Toss 3 balls, get 3 in a row to win.

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